StepPro Cover™

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The StepPro Cover™ – Protects the landing, nose, and riser without the need to nail or damage the finish coat of the step.
Double sided tape at the bottom secure the StepPro Cover to the stairs without damaging the finish coat of the step.
Product dimension – 40″ wide
Fit any standard step size
Product weight – 1 lb.
Comes in a box of 12 threads.

SKU: 300112


The StepPro Cover™ designated to be deployed on top of any step and protect the Landing, Nose, and Riser of the step until all construction works are completely finished.
The cover is made of two attached layers, a foamed polyethylene layer at the bottom and soft PVC on the top. To connect the StepPro Cover to the stair, there are three strips of double sided tape specially designed to keep the cover on the stair but enable to remove it without damaging the finish.
The combination of the two layers combines the advantages of the two and renders them a delicate and nice look. The result is a protecting sheet which upholsters the finished step with its spongy texture while provide a stable and hard surface to work on.
It is characterized by the following features:
• Non expendable
• Not affected by liquids
• Able to be reused several times
• Stability and nice look
• Recyclable
• Use multiple times



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