FloorPro Sheet™

The FloorPro Sheet™ is advanced floor protection designed to be deployed on the floor until all construction works are completely finished and can be used several times in future projects.
The sheets are made of a flame retardant foamed polyethylene and layer made of thin wooden plates.
The FloorPro Sheet is the only surface protection product that are flame retardant and can be used for commercial building in the major cities.
The FloorPro Sheet got approved by the city of Boston fire department and currently used in several big projects around the city.

It is characterized by the following features:
• Construction-grade hardwood floor and hard surface protection.
• Designed for contractors
• Each sheet is manufactured with a bottom layer of breathable, flame retardant, polyethylene foam that connects six rugged sections
of thin wooden plates.
• Protects from blunt force impacts, driven machinery, and foot traffic.
• Breathable: Water and Liquid-proof
• Flame Retardant Certified: Approved by the City of Boston for use in commercial construction.
• The wooden plates are 36″ wide by 12’: Designed to fit perfectly between hallway walls and protect the baseboard.
• Each 1/4 inch thick sheet unfolds, lays out fast, and flat and easily folds back into the box.
• Holds strong, straight edges without the hassle of wrinkling from traditional floor protection film.
• No tape, non-slip. No need to re-roll.
• For small or odd spaces, can be cut down with utility knife.
• Easy to fold back into box, stack, and transport to the next jobsite.
• 100% reusable for 8-10 jobs.
• A folded sheet has a slim storage footprint of 48”x13”x 2”.
• Delivered in boxes of five individual 42”x78” sheets, each sheet covers 22.75 Sq./ft.

StepPro Cover™

The StepPro Cover™ designated to be deployed on top of any step and protect the Landing, Nose, and Riser of the step until all construction works are completely finished.
The cover is made of two attached layers, a foamed polyethylene layer at the bottom and soft PVC on the top. To connect the StepPro Cover to the stair, there are three strips of double sided tape specially designed to keep the cover on the stair but enable to remove it without damaging the finish.
The combination of the two layers combines the advantages of the two and renders them a delicate and nice look. The result is a protecting sheet which upholsters the finished step with its spongy texture while provide a stable and hard surface to work on.
It is characterized by the following features:
• Non expendable
• Not affected by liquids
• Able to be reused several times
• Stability and nice look
• Recyclable
• Use multiple times

DoorPro Sleeve™

DoorPro Sleeve™ is a re-usable light weight cover designed to protect existing finished doors during construction or renovation.
The DoorPro Sleeve™ is a breathable 1/8” polyethylene foam connected with a light weight but strong fabric that create the ultimate sleeve to protect any door.
It lay out fast. By cutting a hole for the door knob the sleeve enable a full operation of the door at all times and it can be locked at the end of the day without the need to remove the protection.
On big projects with standard doors, the sleeve can be transfer from door to door as the work progress.
It provides the following advantages:
• Protect existing doors
• Strong and Durable
• Water and Liquid proof
• Easy to store and Transport
• Perfect solution during painting
• Protects the door from scratches and dents.
• Easy to fit any standard door size