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The DoorPro Sleeve consist of foamed polyethylene 1/8″ inch thick. The foamed polyethylene protect the door from damage during the work period,
It is easy and fast to install and while the sleeve is on, you can lock the door.
The fabric around the edges help prevent dust traveling from one room to the other.
The DoorPro Sleeve come in two sizes
Standard door – 40″ X 80″.
Tall Doors – 40″ X 96″.
The door protection sleeve is easy to cut and modify the .
Product weight – 2 lb
DoorPro Sleeve come packed 5 in a box

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DoorPro Sleeve™ is a re-usable light weight cover designed to protect existing finished doors during construction or renovation.
The DoorPro Sleeve™ is a breathable 1/8” polyethylene foam connected with a light weight but strong fabric that create the ultimate sleeve to protect any door.
It lay out fast. By cutting a hole for the door knob the sleeve enable a full operation of the door at all times and it can be locked at the end of the day without the need to remove the protection.
On big projects with standard doors, the sleeve can be transfer from door to door as the work progress.
It provides the following advantages:
• Protect existing doors
• Strong and Durable
• Water and Liquid proof
• Easy to store and Transport
• Perfect solution during painting
• Protects the door from scratches and dents.
• Easy to fit any standard door size


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 42 x 3 in


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